How do game reserves help conserve animal species?



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    Game reserves are like zoos in terms of animal conservation in that they set aside land for animals to live on and be protected in. Unlike zoos however, the animals are not cared for. It is the land that is maintained and given to the animals to use however they want. To ensure animals are kept safe and in proper numbers, hunting is allowed but regulated. These types of game reserves help animals survive in a healthy environment in a scope larger than provided by zoos.

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    Game reserves, first and foremost, preserve the natural structure of the land as it’s meant to be. This entails strict oversight on boundaries and ensuring the ecological functions within the reserve are not interfered with by humans. Consequently, many species return to their original roles in the food chain, as well as retaining the other important components of that area (bodies of water, for instance). It also grants scientists a great opportunity to conduct research on species that may be threatened, without doing so in an enclosed or artificial environment.

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