How do florists keep their flowers fresh for so long?



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    Florists keep their flowers fresh by keeping their freshly cut flowers continuously in water. “Fresh stems inner fibers are still moist and open to let water flow into the rest of the parts of the flower. These passages dry up quickly without moisture, so providing the water needs to be done quickly in order to preserve the life of the flower.” Other ways are by keeping the flowers in a cool place and by trimming the stems and the dried petals. 

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    Florists keep their flower fresh using many different methods.  Many florists keep their flowers in temperature and  humidity controlled storage environments.  They also use specialized solutions to keep the flowers watered with, such as a combination of bleach and sugar.  Because turn over and inventory control are vital when dealing with living goods such as flowers, many florists rotate their stock to keep the fresh ones on display or may discount older flowers (so the ones you see that always seem fresh and healthy might be what has just arrived from the grower).

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