How do floods cause damage to ecosystems?



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    Floods, both massive and minor, damage natural habitats for plant and animal life. In most cases, the habitate can adjust and renew itself and more or less return to it’s natural state. Occasionally, however, floods can cause irreparable destruction of individual plant and animal species, which in turn affect other plants as well as animals that rely on them. Thus, even small changes like these can affect an entire ecosystem.

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    Often times floods are the result of damage to the eco-system. By paving and building over natural earth and aquifers, water has no where else to go but up. The soil has many purposes, and moisture absorbtion is one of them. Flooding has gotten worse in many areas as a result of urban sprawl.

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    Floods can have a lasting impact on an ecosystem. This is particularly related when concerning climate change. As tougher and more frequent flooding and droughts happen in area, the impact becomes even harsher.

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    Floods not only damages our ecosystem but also it causes heavy damage to lives, death of livestocks that cannot move to higher ground and damage to homes, roads, euipments and business. Flood completley imbalance the ecosystem.

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    Droughts and floods can have a long-lasting impact on an ecosystem. This is particularly related when concerning climate change. An ecosystem can be put under great damage from extreme weather conditions in addition to farming, urbanization and industry.

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