How do flies see the world?



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    they see the world in black and white sort of like dogs execpt both of a flies eyes has hundreds of tiny little glass like coverings so they see everything doubled or tripled than what you and I would see it as 🙂 <3 Camri and Channel Ledesma

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    Flies have 360-degree vision. You may have noticed this if you’ve ever battled a fly with a swatter. It seems to always know when you’re coming! Apparently some scientists in Switzerland made a camera that resembles a fly’s vision, with 100 small cameras on a sphere that provide 360-degree vision. 

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    Oceanluvr3773, you are completely incorrect.  Flies do not see in black and white, they actually are more capable of seeing several further polarization of light and color spectrums that humans do not see.   

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