How do fashion fads that hurt the environment get popular?



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    There are lots of fashion fad that harm the environment – from furs to leather to toxic dyes, they are everywhere. However, the worst fad, and the longest lasting, is discarding our clothes and constantly buying new ones! And why is this popular? Because it means more money for corporations! They will invent all sorts of fad, environmental or not, and market the heck out of them until we buy them. In the mean time, all the old clothes are being thrown out – double the destruction!

    To get out of this cycle, try making your own clothes, starting a DIY fashion fad, or exchanging clothes with friends at clothing swaps. Good luck!

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    Fashion fads become popular because media portrays the fads as necessary to be cool, beautiful, confident and successful. Magazines, billboards, window displays, commercials, tv shows/movies, internet ads all produce these messages to us and we see these messages constantly, 24/7. Even if we try not to pay attention to them too much, our buying choices are still influenced by them because they have permeated into our mindset. I think humans also naturally like to follow the crowd, no one wants to be different, so if we see our friends, neighbors or even strangers wearing a particular style, we might want to emulate them. But most of us aren’t always aware or care that these fashion fads might be hurting the environment. its a give or take issues. My advice is to develop your own unique style and make it as green as you can! 

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    sophia.the.owl and majphan are correct. I would only like to add that a great way to help stop the cycle is by buying clothes from places like the Goodwill, Salvation Army, The American Cancer Society, and other charity organizations that support good causes, then when you buy used clothes you can both help the environment by reducing waste, and contribute to a good cause by buying donated items. It’s a lot of fun to hunt and search for clothes you like amongst so many choices that thrift stores provide. It can really enhance your style!

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