How do farms change what they are doing to be more green?



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    -Don’t use pesticides.
    -Use a minimal amount of fertilizer.
    -Rotate crops.
    -Use biofuel to power farm machinery.
    -Let their chicken/poultry be free range.
    -Grass-feed their cattle.
    -Don’t use antibiotics or hormones on their livestock.
    -Don’t grow Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

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    Farms are also contributing more to the local economy by staying local. Some farms won’t make deliveries outside of a certain radius and prefer to have people come to the farm and buy their product (which offers a certain degree of transparency) and also sells product at local farmers markets and to local businesses. A local, self-sustained economy (as self-sustained as possible, I suppose) is one of the ways to be the greenest. Also, feeding cows grass rather than corn helps the health of the product as well as the environment because methane emissions are less to grass-fed cows.

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