How do families get involved during earth day?



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    There are many ways that you and your family can get involved during earth day. Something that my family always does is go to the beach and help pick up trash. It’s a great way to get outdoors, as well as help the environment. I’m sure there are also many community events in cities all over the nation that host earth day cleanups. Planting trees is another great activity to help show your appreciation for the earth!

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    As environmichael said, there a lot of ways that families can get involved on Earth Day and getting outdoors in the community is definitely a great idea. Earth Day is the perfect way for parents to teach children the importance of protecting our resources.

    There are some options to get involved on Earth Day right at own home. Decorate recycling bins and teach kids how to sort (and why it is important). Add to your garden or make a compost pile. Families can do some spring cleaning and donate unwanted items (instead of throwing them away. eHow suggests hosting a Family Swap Meet in the neighboorhood so families can exchange their perfectly good items.

    Families can also craft with recycled materials. There are a lot of fun project ideas out there using cans, cardboard, bottle caps, etc.!



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