How do EV drivers get home chargers installed?



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    The short answer is that you schedule the installation.  The actual installation should not take more than three or four hours, but there are several things you must do before it is time to call an electrician. 

    First, check with the dealership and the auto manufacturer to see if either of them are partnered with a company that makes electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).  If so, they can help you through the process.  Also, check with the federal government to see if you can get financial aid towards the installation.

    Next, you need to decide how strong your charging station ought to be depending on your needs.  If you will need to drive a long distance frequently and can only charge your car once a day, you would probably want the most powerful charging station available.

    Now, it is time to call an electrician to come to your house and see what your options are.  The electrical set-up in your house might limit your options.  You of course want to know this before you shop for a charging station. 

    Explore different EVSE manufacturers, like ECOtality and AeroVironment.  Be prepared to invest one or two thousand dollars in your station.

    Next, work with the EVSE manufacturer and/or the elctrician to get the right permits.

    And finally, you are ready to call back your electrician, get your charging station installed, and plug in your car.

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    If you have converted your own EV, you may be able to charge from a simple 3-prong outlet like my dad does. He put his charger inside the car so that he can just plug in an extension cord right under the former gas cap. Fancy charging stations are designed to charge a car faster than you can get with a 120V outlet, but you don’t need to charge up fast if you plug in at night. It takes ten seconds to charge an electric car: five seconds to plug it in before you go to bed and five seconds to unplug it in the morning.

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