How do environmentalists make money?



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    Most don’t “make” money as in profits. Some get a living wage for what they do and most are volunteer. They get paid through donations and grants. 

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    Environmentalists have an array of different kinds of jobs.  Different careers span from those in the environmental economics field to environmental consulting to environmental geology.  There are writers, poets, and home-makers that are all into conserving the environment in their own ways.  As long as one is acting for the environment, I believe they can be called environmentalists. 

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    Just because one considers themselves or is considered an environmentalist, does not mean that they have to hold a career in the field of environmentalism.  Being an environmentalist can mean that one recycles, chooses to walk somewhere instead of driving, or consciously uses less energy in their home.  Biologists, scientists, and some politicians may be considered environmentalists who earn a salary.  Environmentalist is a general name given to anyone who cares about the environment and conservation.

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