How do elephants communicate?



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    Elephants use all of their sense to communicate.  They use their body parts and body language to visually communicate over 150 documented signals, including desire to mate, dominance, or playfulness.  They also communicate through sound: they trumpet through their trunk, purr, hiss, and moan.  They also send out infrasonic communication over long distances.  They use their sense of smell to receive communication regarding the health, dominance, and reproductive status of others.  They will also communicate through touch.  For example, potential mates with flirt by entwining their trunks.

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    Elephants use many different forms of communication. They use acoustic signals that travel in all directions to broadcast to a large audience. This form of communication is useful for giving information about an immediate situation. They use a broad range of sounds to communicate from low frequency rumbles to higher frequency trumpets, snorts,barks and cries. The most frequently used forms of communication is the low rumble. 

    They also use various sorts of visual communication. They use different parts of their body from their head, eyes, mouth, ears and tusks to send signals to one another. For example, a threatening or dominant elephant signals here status by carrying her head high above her shoulders and spreading her ears while a subordinate carries her head low and ears back. A frightened or excited elephant raises her tail and chin.


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    Elephants have various ways of communicating with one another.  Nonverbal communication is a big one – using touches of the trunk, flapping of the ears and swinging of the tail can all be signals.  Additionally, elephants have been known to use their voices and calls to communicate with each other.

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    There was an interesting video I saw on the news a few months back about how elephants communicate when they are in mourning. People have noticed that elephants mourn in a similar fashion that humans do. Have a look at this video that shows how elephants communicate and mourn. 

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