How do electric motors work?

I know they have one moving part, but how does that work?



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    The moving part of an electric motor is made to move via magnetism. The positive and negative actions of the magnets interact to push the motor away and then pull it back, causing it to move and generate energy. It’s basically pushing it up and down via polarity.

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    As we know that motors are used for the conversion of electric power into mechanical power .An electric motor has two parts

    1.stator (may be permanent magnet)

    2. rotor (armature)

    when you supply the electricity to an electric motor.that means electricity is applied to the rotor (armature), when the current flows through the armature.magnetic field will produced around it.Magnetic force will act on the armature it will rotate .Pipes are connected with the motor as to create pressure difference or for increasing the pressure of the fluid (such as water) to reach its maximum distance.

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