How do eggs sold in grocery stores usually get contaminated with salmonella?

I read there was a recent recall in Northern California for eggs from Iowa. Is it me, or does that seem like an awful long distance to be shipping eggs? Aren’t there a lot of egg farms in California?

Is it possible that the shipping distance contributed to the salmonella being present? Or is that something that occurs at the farm itself?



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    Great question, and the answer is both; Salmonella can occur because of poor farming practices, inadequate refrigeration (like in transportation,) or in preparation. Salmonella is more common in large, commercialized farms, and definitely in ones that ship their eggs far and wide. So needless to say, buy local, fresh, organic, cage-free eggs. The farmer’s market is probably the best spot to find high quality eggs.

    It’s an illusion that large companies provide safer food, and just because it’s packaged nice and neat, with words like “all natural,” or “farm fresh,” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy, or even safe.

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    The chicken that lays the egg actually has been infected with the disease before laying it. 

    Due to modern factory farming practices it is very hard to identify a hen that is sick with salmonella.   This site has more info about it.

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    Contamination of eggs can occur upon exiting a female bird so care must be taken to prevent the egg shell from becoming contaminated with fecal matter. In commercial practice, eggs are quickly washed with a sanitizing solution within minutes of being laid to try to reduce the risk of contamination. The risk of infection from raw or undercooked eggs is also dependent in part upon the sanitary conditions under which the hens are kept.  Health experts advise people to refrigerate eggs, use them within two weeks, cook them thoroughly, and never consume raw eggs.  As with meat, containers and surfaces that have been used to process raw eggs should not come in contact with ready-to-eat food.

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