How do politics effect the environment?



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    Politics bring environmental issues to people’s attention. Everyone knew global warming was an issue before Al Gore, but after his “Inconvenient Truth,” everyone’s attention was narrowed-in on the issue, and now we’re more concerned about it than ever. Because of someone’s politics, we’re searching for sustainable energy, green technology, and reducing polution.

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    Politics determine who our lawmakers will be and what our lawmakers will do while in office. The politics in the US has never been this bipartisan in nature. This situation has made politics interesting and drama-filled, but very divided in terms on how to deal with current and future environmental issues. Also the political world is changing so rapidly, so it is difficult to develop and implement on a long-term, comprehensive environmental agenda. The Bush Administration relaxed a lot of environmental regulations; the Obama Administration is trying to reverse a lot of that. Therefore, not a lot of things get accomplished. To me, the state of the environment is at the mercy of politicians. 

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