How do eco friendly villages handle their waste?



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    Hello BlueLight. Each eco-village has their own method for handling their waste that is appropriate for their specific conditions and needs. However, from my experience, the first step in responsible waste handling is reducing the amount that you create. Purchasing food in bulk significantly reduces the amount of containers and packaging that you have to deal with. Much of the waste that is generated in the common American household could really be composted. So composting food scraps, recyling the nutrients back into the land, and the food we eat, is a key strategy in reducing waste. Also, eco-communities in northern climates sometimes heat with wood, and so paper products (that aren’t used for sheet mulching) are great for starting fires. Also, other materials that are frequently thrown away can usually be repurposed for a variety of projects such as starting garden plants, holding leftover food, organizing the toolshed. Those items that can neither be composted, burned, or re-purposed, are likely taken to the dump, just like most waste generated in the U.S.

    I hope this helps some.

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