How do droughts impact the environment?



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    Droughts impact the environment through the following: losses or destruction of fish and wildlife habitat; lack of food and drinking water for wild animals; an increase in disease in animals due to reduced water supplies; animal migration due to the drought; lower water levels in reservoirs, lakes, and ponds; loss of wetlands; fire; and reduced soil quality.

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    Adding to what beth1234 mentioned, drought can have a severe impact on vegetationin an environment. I live in Southern California, and the area is prone to wildfires during seasonal droughts. The vegetation in the hills becomes so dry that the slightest bit of fire can light up acres of land. A major fire swept through my community a few years ago, burning down many homes and destroying wildlife habitats. The entire area was off limits for a few days, since the air quality was so poor. Those are some examples of what a drought can do to an environment. 

    Also, here is a picture of when the fire broke out in my community. You can see all the dry vegetation burning, with many homes in danger. 

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