How do deep sea creatures see without light?



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    Most sea creatures have notoriously bad vision, the reason being that light diffuses more in water and it is therefore not the optimum way to get a sense of the surroundings. Many species, like sharks, use smell to find prey partly because odors in the ocean travel much further than light; they can also detect minute vibrations in the water for closer observations. Other animals like whales and dolphins use sound in the form of sonar to navigate and understand the waters around them. At a depth of approximately 1 km exists a sound channel which works the same way as a fiber optics cable, preventing the sound from spreading above or below it. Whales make use of this in their extremely long distance communications. Other fish that do live in total darkness, like the Angler fish, have developed the ability to produce light in order to attract prey; they take advantage of the fact that fish cannot see very well.

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