How do crops grow under land?



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    Well, this question can be taken two ways I think.  I am not sure which of these ways you are referring to, so I will address them both.

    Some crops that we use are actually just the part of the plant that grows underneath the soil.  These are called root vegetables, with the exception of peanuts, which are actually seeds and also grow underground.  They are called root vegetables because they are actually the root of the plant that has swollen to store carbohydrates.  Some of the most well known of these root vegetables are potatoes, carrots, and onions. 

    If you are talking about growing regular crops in underground facilities, however, this can be done through controlling their substrate, nutrients, light, and water artificially.  Though it is not commercialized, it does have the capability of becoming more popular, as the crop yields can be maximized and consistent because their environment is man-made.  If you follow the second link I have cited, you can read more about this type of farming.

    Hope this helps!

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