How do cop cars try and use less energy?



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    New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg recently announced he will be adding hybrid Nissan Altimas to the police cruiser fleet in an effort to cut down on NYC’s high carbon emissions. While the number of new additions is only 40 at this point, more will be added in the future, and many other hybrid vehicles are already dedicated to other city services like sanitation, buildings, parks, and transportation. It remains to be seen if the new additions significantly impact the city’s emissions, which could influence more cities to adopt similar greening strategies. In the meantime, most fleets still rely on Fords and Chevys without hybrid technology, leaving much room for improvement.

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    One thing that is being done on police cars to conserve energy is installing an Independence Package. This package can power the cars entire electrical system for about 4 hours and recharges when the cars are being driven. This saves energy because police usually have to leave their vehicles idling because they need to power their laptops, lights, siren, camera, and radio, which would drain their battery if they would not be idling. This saves about $3,131 a year per vehicle and prevents the emission of about 72.75 pounds of carbon dioxide per vehicle per day.

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