How do consumers feel about green brands?



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    Green brands are a great way to make sure we are using products safe for the environment.  However, often times consumers are under the illusion that a green label means its environmentally friendly, which isn’t always the case.  As long as the consumer does research on the brand to make sure it is truly a green, safe product, green brands are a good thing.

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    Green labels can often received a mixed reaction from mainstream consumers.  Often times, green brands give a sense of responsible shopping and “doing your part” to contribute to a more sustainable community lifestyle.  However, sometimes these brands can be seen as elitist, or a charade to charge more for similar quality or lower quality items.  As mentioned in the previous comment, sometimes green labeling also doesn’t tell the full story on a products eco-impact.

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    Green brands are not usually mainstream, but they do get some side attention. What guyonthewing and jenn said is definitely true, but there are some brands that are well respected but are just a little bit more expensive for the product. For example, I haven’t heard of anyone not liking the store Trader Joe’s (known for selling green and ethically produced, both in regards to laborers and animals), but a lot of people don’t shop there simply because it is more expensive than most grocery stores.

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