How do computers hurt the environment?



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    Computers requires tons of chemicals, metals, and fuel in their manfucture and transport, as well as lots of energy once it is used (like right now the screen is lit up and the machine is on). And computers become obsolete so quickly, there are millions of out-of-date machines that must be thrown away or recycled. Remember, screen savers do not save electricity.

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    Computers hurt the environment in two ways. First, unless you power your home through clean energy, all the time your computer is on it burns carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming. Actually, most computers continue to use a little power as long as they’re plugged in, even when switched off.

    The second way computers hurt the environment is that many of the parts inside of the computer are made of toxic metals. When the computer is thrown away and sent to a landfill, these poisons seep into the soil and water.

    Unplug your computer when you’re not using it, and make sure to recycle old computers! 

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    Well, they require energy to be burned in the first place. Most people do not turn off their computers nowadays, and they most certainly do not unplug their laptop chargers. This contradicts the notion of sustainablity and does not conserve energy.

    Also, the waste formed when computers are thrown away is very detrimental. Most people do not recycle them, and electrical parts are generally bad for the environment.

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    Well. It’s quite simple. It harms are environment because it waste’s alot of electricity

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