How do climatic factors affect soil fertility?



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    Interestingly enough, climate disruption could increase soil fertility.  Warmer temperatures facilitate more productive growing seasons (to a certain point).  Higher temperatures and CO2 levels means an increase in photosynthetic and soil microbe activity, which speeds up the decomposition process and adds more nutrients to the soil.  However, one unknown factor is the effects of rising temperature and CO2 levels on molecular composition of the soil.  Whether a carbon-containing nutrient is able to adapt to the change or degrades plays a large role in global climate disruptions affect on soil fertility.

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    Climate change may increase the rate of nutrient cycling in soils. This is already evident in northern forests that have been defoliated by the spruce budworm. It is unclear what effect an increase in available nutrients will have on plant growth. it is likely that the positive effects will be outweighed by the negative effects of climate change including increased wildfires and erosion of soils.

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