How do cleaning supplies pollute our environment?



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    Cleaning supplies have the potential to be very damaging to our environment because of the harsh chemicals that they are composed of. Hazardous chemicals endanger the environment by contaminating our groundwater, lakes and oceans. For example, “one of the biggest culprits in ocean pollution is phosphates, common in laundry detergents and some cleaning products. The average consumer nationwide uses about 30 pounds of laundry detergent a year; all together, Americans use about 8.3 billion pounds of dry detergent and a billion gallons of liquid detergent each year. High phosphate levels can kill life in rivers, streams and oceans by causing “algae blooms.” Algae slimes dense enough to suffocate marine life have been swelling around the world, especially in coastal bays. They are largely caused by fertilizing pollutants called “nutrients” in human sewage and farm runoff.”

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    Cleaning invovles many processes as some of the cleaning products have become so widely used, that it is quite hard to wean ourselves off them. I never knew that were so many hidden pollutants in those air fresheners and cleaners. Toxic cleaning products are bad for our health although they are best known for their efficacy.They pollute the environment so much.

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