how do cleaning products affect endangered animals



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    Cleaning products that are not specified as environmentally friendly harm the environment because they are pollutants.  In a general sense, pollutants harm endangered species because of habitat reduction and displacement. By definition, there are fewer endangered species living in the wild, so when habitats are destroyed they take a particularly hard hit.  Also, pollutants cause more species to become endangered (that wouldn’t otherwise be) when they contribute to habitat reduction.  You can reduce your impact by buying cleaning products that are specified as eco-friendly.

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    Non-eco-friendly cleaning products contain chemicals and pollutants that can disrupt ecosystems and damage habitats. If chemicals from a cleaning product are introduced into a food chain, they can destroy an animal’s food source, or damage an animal’s health if the chemical reaches it through the chain. Additionally, pollutants released by cleaning products, particularly aerosol cans, greatly harm an animal’s environment. Pollutants released can damage the ozone layer, changing the temperature of an endangered animal’s habitat, and therefore, harming it. Or, pollutants can be flushed down the drain by water and introduced to water systems or grass through runoff. Because chemicals found in cleaning products are often toxic to the environment, switch to natural or environmentally-approved products.

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