How do businesses give back to the environment?



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    Some businesses are partnering up with environmental organizations and devoting some of their resources and advertising space to these environmental organizations. One example of a partnership is Tropicana Orange Juice teaming up with — each carton of OJ purchased protects 100 square feet of rainforest (some people are protecting the rain forest, one piece the size of a 10 foot x 10 foot bedroom at a time)! Other companies make outright donations to wildlife protection programs and environmental cleanup and protection efforts. And remember, there are now opportunities for businesses to make money while at the same time they are promoting the well-being of the environment. Solar and wind energy companies give directly back to the environment by providing clean energy. Plenty of websites are set up around environmental values as well! CHECK OUT THE LINKS BELOW — and —these 2 companies are giving back directly in very different ways!

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