How do birds keep their eggs from getting too hot in warm climates?



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    I imagine that they would simply lay their eggs in an environment that is suitable to take care of their eggs. If it gets too hot, then the unborn chicks would probably just die.

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    Receptors in the mama bird’s brood pouch let her know what temperature her eggs are relative to the temperature outside. If she senses they are getting too hot, she shifts her incubation patterns to cool them down.

    This is accomplished in the same way mama birds heat up their eggs if it’s too cold: by sitting on them. There’s merely a change in her sitting dynamics that alters the temperature of the egg. If she sits tightly on the eggs, her body temperature leeches into the eggs and makes them warmer; but if she squats above the eggs, she shades them and allows winds to pass through the shaded area provided by her body, effective cooling the eggs down.

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