How do bees pollinate plants?



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    This has actually been answered many times. Basically the bee will step in pollen sacs, which in turn stick to the bee’s feet. Then, the bee carries the pollen to other flowers. Click here for more detailed responses.

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    As bees hop from flower to flower gathering pollens and nectar, some pollens stick to their body and in turn either stick to the stigma of the same plant or anothes species but of the same family. As this happens the pollen tube grows grow and continue their jiurney to the ovary.

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    There are two types of bee pollinators.  Buzz pollinators are the larger bumble bees, such as carpenter bees.  Buzz pollinators shake pollen from the flower by the motion of their wings called, “sonication”.  This pollinates individual and surrounding flowers. They also spread pollen directly from flower to flower when it sticks to their bodies.  Other bees, such as honey bees and mason bees, pollinate only from the pollen sticking to their bodies as they’re getting the nectar.  Some flowers are pollinated more effectively by sonication and other by nectar pollinators.  It depends on the size and structure of the flower.  Also, honeybees and other nectar pollinators will ignore flowers of plants such as blueberries and tomatoes because they do not have nectar.  The bumble bee is essential to such plants.

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