How do bees make wax?



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    Worker bees make wax from the 10th day of their lifespan to the 16th.  When the bees are about 10 days old, they develop a wax-producing gland in their abdomen.  These glands convert the sugar from the honey they eat into wax. 

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    From days 10-16 of a bee’s life, they consume honey, the sugar in which wax-producing glands in the abdomen then convert to wax.  The wax is secreted through bodily pores and chewed, then spit out again to remodel into honeycomb.

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    For wax to be made, the temperature in the hive has to range between 91 – 97 degrees Fahrenheit. To produce wax, the bees must consume eight times as much honey by mass. To yield one pound of beeswax, bees must fly 150,000 miles, almost six times around the earth, to gather enough honey. The worker bees have special glands that convert the sugar in the honey into wax, which seeps through small pores in the bee’s body leaving tiny white flakes on its abdomen. 

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