How do animals show their emotions?



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    I think it really depends on the animal.  I’ve grown up with dogs my entire life and when they are happy they wag their tales, have their mouths open, and just have this glow to them that I consider a smile.  But when they are emotionally hurting, they lay on ground, not acknowledging anyone or any sounds – very similar to the way that humans sulk.  I used to have three huskies and we lost two of them to cancer within three months of each other.  Koda, the surviving pack member didn’t eat for four days, he didn’t want to go to on walks, he just laid around the house.  It’s heartbreaking, but it’s how he expressed his emotions. 

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    Animals express emotions in very diverse ways. Some of the most interesting behavior is displayed when an animal feels threatened, in which skunks raise their tails and spray, rattle snakes rattle their tails, cats hiss and their fur raises, hedgehogs curl up in a ball, some animals play dead, and others attack.

    Dogs use varied body language to display submissive feelings, such as exposing their stomachs, avoiding eye contact, licking, and lowering their bodies to the ground. Some animals exhibit destructive behaviors when bored, such as birds pulling out their own feathers and making loud noises, and dogs chewing on off-limit items in a household. 

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    In addition to visual displays and vocal expressions, animals may use scent to alert other members of their species to how they are feeling. These scents are known as pheromones, and are designed to produce a response in the other individual. Pheromones can help other animals determine whether it is a good idea to mate. If an animal has an infection or is in poor health, then it is probably not a good idea for it to reproduce until it gets better. Pheromones can indicate the health of an animal, thus making it more or less attractive to other animals as a mate.

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