How do animals help us compost?



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    well it depends on what u mean because they can help us make compost by dieing and there bodies become decomposed and ther nutrients go into the soil or there poop can have fertilizer in it from cows and chicken poop and that has good stuff from being through there cycle and also there is when the could help u by caring scraps of letover fruits and vegetables to a heap of stuff and wait a while. hope this helps

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    Typically, earthworms and bacteria are used in compost piles to facilitate decomposition. They are responsible for breaking down organic matter, helping it to decompose and turning it into nutrients that can be used as plant fertilizer. Composting can be done in a bin or a pile, though if you’re using earthworms a bin is the better choice. Apple cores, orange peels, and other food scraps can be used to feed the worms.

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