how do animals become endangered



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    There are many different causes of how animals become endangered. 

    • Habitat loss
    • pollution
    • competition from other species
    • disease
    • predation

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    First, the animal must be placed on the federal endangered species list, which follows a strnigent set of rules that determine whether or not the animal is really in danger of dying out, particularly due to human intervention.

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    animals are nominated for endangered listing and then an investigation determines whether they are entitled to the classification.  because there are so many animals listed, they base it on the highest need first.

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    Habitat loss or change, disease, decrease in food species, increase in predator species and pollution can all cause a species to become endangered.  When they cannot find the food, shelter and mates they need to perserve their species, they will be in danger of becoming extinct.

    For more information on how endangered species are agreed upon, as well as agreements for regulating trade of the animals or producs from the species, listen to his NPR story.

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