How do animal shelters benefit the environment?



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    Until more recently, the only benefits animal shelters had to the environment was to house stray pets, educate the general public about adopting rather than buying and also how to better care for animals so that there were less abandoned pets.

    Nowadays animal shelters are slowly, but surely taking a green turn. The greenest animal shelters tend to have a reuse water system, parking lots made of permeable material to prevent run offs into nearby wetlands, which means any refuse from the shelter will not leak out into the surrounding environment. They should also have temperature sensors to more efficiently control the heat and cooling system in the shelter. There should also be a reuse/ recycle system so that less waste is contributed to local landfills. Some may even install their own renewable energy source so that they are more independent from the local electrical grid. Other steps that can be taken are to properly insulate the shelter and roof for better energy efficiency.

    However, all of these green ways depend on the funds that the local shelter has, so the best way to help a shelter become greener from the environment is to donate, or help raise money.

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