How do Amphibians affect our world?



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    Amphibians are very important to their ecosystem as well as mankind. Even as tadpoles they are very important due to nutritional cycling. As they grow into adults they become to best natural pest controllers as they feed on all sorts of insects. They are in the middle of the food chain so their absence would affect all the animals around them. For humans, they used to be a viable food source (especially in India) and are now used as model organisms for research purposes.

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    Amphibians are cold blooded creatures who live in water and on land. They include frogs and toads; caecilians (snake-like animals); and salamanders, newts, and mudpuppies. There are about 5500 species overall. Amphibians are important to our ecosystem because they are a valuable food source, pest controller, and environmental forecaster. Amphibians provide food for many birds, mammals, and reptiles. They, in turn, feed on many insects that humans view as pests. Finally, amphibians warn us about environmental changes. They respond to slight changes in habitat destruction, environmental stress, and pesticides, among other things. By looking to amphibians, we can learn about environmental harms. 

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