How do Americans affect deforestation rates?



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    People who live in the US effect deforestation a lot in multiple ways. The first being our use of wood as our primary resource in building houses. A huge number of trees are cut down to build houses. Also our consumption of paper leads to lots of trees cut down. Finally the structure of our communities with large amounts of sprawling suburbs causes destruction of forests for the land.

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    We can also positively affect deforestation rates and encourage the slowing of the practice of clear cutting our forests by choosing paper products made from recycled waste and taking part in recycling ourselves.  The more we can reduce our need for new paper products, the less need there will be to cut down trees.

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    American businesses and especially lawyers use a ****ton of paper that hlep to lead to deforestation. If we do not stop using paper and start using computers instead, deforestation will continue to occur and will occur at a much more rapid pace. Newspapers do not lead to much deforestation since they come from crappy wood. 

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