How do aerosol sprays affect the environment?



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    This question can be answered in two different ways: yes or no.  Some (mainly companies with aerosol products) say that aerosol sprays are not harmful to the environment. 

    Case in point here:

    This website is entirely devoted to defending aerosol products and telling the world how they do not affect the environment adversely.  According to this site, the harmful chlorofloracarbons (CFCs) were removed from aerosol products in the 1970s, before they were officially banned by the FDA. 

    On the other side of the argument we have sites such as this:

    This article was written a little over two months ago, so it is not dated.  Supposedly the CFCs are still present in aerosol sprays and are just at a lower level than before the 1970s.  There is a specific mention to throat sprays.  It is crucial that there are enough CFCs for the product to be useful but not enough to cause environmental harm. 

    For now, I would suggest steering clear of aerosol products if you are concerned for the environment but there seems to be no clear cut answer to this question.

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