How is the waste management different in America than other countries?



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    I’ve lived in the U.S. and now I live in Belgium and the waste management systems are very different. Now I know that the waste management systems in the U.S. very from state to state and from city to city, so I must state that I lived in Florida and specifically in Tallahassee, Orlando, and Miami. Here in Belgium you MUST sort your waste. You have to buy three different kinds of bags, one for organic material, one for plastic and metal recyclables and one for general waste; glass and paper are put out separately in boxes. If you fail to sort your waste the city will not pick it up and you can get fined quite heavily. In the States by contrast, living in an apartment it was nearly impossible to recycle, one had to find a recycling center to take your things. Furthermore as a home owner one often had to pay for extra recycling bins. Here your are punished for not trying to recycle there you had to work just to be able to act on your conscience.

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