how did tasmanian tigers get extinct



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    The thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, was already a species in decline on the Australian mainland as long as 2000 years ago as a result of indigenous human hunting (aborigines) and competition from other animals such as the dingo. It went totally extinct in Australia in the 1800s, but some specimens survived on Tasmania into the 1930s. The species, already dangerously fragile, was ultimately wiped out by white settlers who blamed the animal for attacking livestock, particularly sheep. Between 1888 and 1909 the government of Tasmania paid a bounty for every dead thylacine a hunter could bring in. Overhunting was not the only reason for its extinction though; competition for habitat and extinction of its natural prey were also factors. The last thyalcine in the world died on September 7, 1936 at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, a sad end to a once proud species.

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