How did Samsung manage to recycle 41 million pounds of electronic waste?



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    Samsung began a recycling program called Recycling Direct in late 2008 and placed 175 drop-off points throughout the United States.  That number has grown to 1100 and includes a mail-back program, promotion, and collection events.  They have partnered with recycling companies that do not export, incinerate, or put the items in solid waste landfills. 

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    Recycling Direct, which has now processed nearly 73 million pounds of waste, has high standards for their processing. Glass is sent to qualified furnaces, flourescent bulbs are handled by professionals, mercury is reused in future manufacturing, and some parts are considered for resale. All waste is processed or managed according to strict standards. The entire operation is subjected to third-party audits and all facilities are required to have safety plans, insurance, and financial stability.

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