How did Pepsi make chip bags from potato peels?



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    PepsiCo’s pilot chip bag project derives the starch from potato peelings for the biodegradable bags.  The production process of the bag has not been disclosed past the derivation of starch.  However, PepsiCo company hopes to decrease its carbon footprint from its primary crop by 50% using more hearty potatoes that require less water.  PepsiCo is also working on using low-carbon fertilizer and other such strategies to decrease their carbon footprint. 

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    Sun Chips (owned by Frito Lay) also has made strides to create sustainable packaging by creating a 100% compostable bag.  Watch a video of the package degrading at

    The company also reduced the amount of packaging needed by over 5 million pounds by changing the size and thickness of the bag.



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