How did Obama win a Nobel Peace Prize when he is conducting 2 wars, and has increased troops in Afghanistan?



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    Because he has used the United States role as a global trendsetter in the best way possible. He has acknowledged that alot of the issues in the world (environmental, disparity between rich and poor people and countries) are a burden caused by everyone, and has taken steps towards reconcilation of these issues.

    Obama also inhereted the “two wars” if your talking about Iraq and Afghanastan and Iraq, and as for increasing troops in Afghanastan, those are mostly troops who were in Iraq and are now being relocated not new troops.


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    Obama has also brought together many nations and inspired millions around the world.  Some of his policies are very popular around the world, receiving resounding support such as calling to reduce nuclear arms, curtailing global warming, and easing tensions in the Muslim world.  Former President George W. Bush did much to alienate the world, and the eleciton of Obama has single-handedly reserved such loathing towards the United States.

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