How did the Gulf Oil Spill happen?



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    The Gulf Oil Spill happened on BP’s negligence to keep watchful eyes on it in which caused 11 innocent lives and the lives of thousands among thousands of sweet, innocent irreplaceable wildlife.

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    Reports state that a bubble of methane gas escaped from the well and blasted it’s way up through the drilling equipment and subsequently out onto the well platform where it ignited and exploded.  Methane is commonly encountered while drilling for oil.  This was different in that a chemical reaction created by setting cement at the bottom of the well created heat and allowed the gas bubble to expand which broke the seal placed on the well.  That bubble, as it moves from an area of high pressure to low pressure expands quickly.  This expansion let the bubble up the drilling equipment and onto the platform where it was released and flooded into areas on the platform which held ignition sources.  Then the explosion.  

    The well continued to burn and eventually sunk causing all relief and emergency kill measures to become redundant.  It presumably killed 11 workers and set off the world’s worst oil spill to date, allowing 10’s of thousands of barrels of oil to gush into the ocean every day.  

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    Experts agree that for the explosion to have occurred, the cement casing on the drilling pipe had to have failed. However, the blowoff preventer valve failed to switch on for reasons that are unclear. These drilling operations were yet to pass regulations including of the Mineral Management Service including a regulation for animal safety from the Endangered Species Act.  BP also ignored several warning signs such as “worst case scenarios” including the possibility of the well casing to fail.

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