How did the dinosaurs die?



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    In the 1980s, two scientists (who were father and son) discovered a layer of iridium in the geological record of the planet. Iridium is only found in space, suggesting that something entered the planets atmosphere bringing the iridium with it. Therefore, scientists concluded that a meteor, comet or asteroid hit the planet around the same time that the dinosaurs died and therefore it must have been the factor that killed them. Previously it had been thought that a geological or climate change had wiped out the dinosaurs. A huge crater was then found in Mexico that dates back to the same period of the iridium and the death of the dinosaurs, which solidifies the scientific theory that they were killed when something large from space hit the earth.

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    There is no specific theory as to which one can rely on regarding the extinction of dinosuars,but however there mainly two theories that are dominant in this case.The first and the most supported theory is the Meteorite impact theory,this theory suggests that a ten kilometer diameter meteorite was said to have  injected 50 times its mass in pulverised rock into the stratosphere causing a cooling trend that wiped out 45% of the biota including the dinosaurs.the other theory is the volcanic theory  that i’m still working on how to explain but volcanoes when erupting they also emit poisonous gases which include sulphur dioxide and also carbon dioxide which caused global warming in the pleistocene period

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