How did Detroit help preserve endangered orchards?



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    I can’t tell you much about Detroit’s orchards (although according to this list there are quite a few), but perhaps you’d like to know about Detroit’s orchids?

    Anna Scripps-Whitcomb, an intensely devoted orchid celebrity and Detroit resident, was responsible for saving the endangered Cypripedium orchids during WWII. She and her team committed to the painstaking process of germinating and propagating hundreds of orchid seeds from Britain, a daunting task when one considers the 1940s’ propagation rate of 5% for most orchids. Thanks to innovative germination techniques, they were able to reach a 50% propagation rate. In 1953 Anna Scripps-Whitcomb gifted her collection of 600 orchids to the city of Detroit. Detroit is now home to the largest orchid collection in the united states. 

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