How did cycling become so popular in Copenhagen?



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    They became quite common in Copenhagan around the 20th century. If you look at the numbers, they are quite astonishing. In 1890, the number of bicycles found in Copenhagan were roughly around 3,000. Fast forward to 1900 and that number increased to about 30,000.  Then seven years later it rised again to 80,000, and yet again to 400,000 in 1934. I think one reason  what helped increase the popularity was the establishment of the Danish Cycling Federation – which helped improve conditions for those who used their cycles. However, what also significantly impacted the increase of cycling was in World War II. The shortage of fuel like petrol meant people had to drive less and cylcle more. Today, the numbers have increased also due to the growing environmental awareness. Hope that helped.

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    Cycling is popular in Copenhagen because of cultural reasons, as well as the reasons deniseapril mentions. The BBC quotes a student named Bettina in their article from August 27, 2009, “Copenhagen’s ‘Best City for Cyclists’ Goal.” Bettina says “It’s a big part of our culture and with all the environmental problems, even more people are starting to use a bike instead.” Having a car is also very expensive and highly taxed, so it is often cheaper, as well as more convenient to bike. Research has also determined that the “more people who travel by bike, the safer it is for each individual cyclist” (BBC), although that just seems like common sense! 

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