How did BPA get in so many products before realizing it was bad for us?



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    It is in so many products because it is useful. Many things that are “bad” for us are also useful, ranging from glass and iron and copper to arsenic and asbestos. It is the way they are used (or misused) that can become problematic. As you point out in your question, some uses came before the concerns were there; in other uses, the extent of the concerns was not clear.

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    Testing conducted prior to 2007 indicated that levels of single exposure to BPA was safe and/or negligible for human beings.  However, recent conensus finds that continuous low level exposure to BPA can accumulate in the body overtime through diet, especially in pregnant women, 96% of whom were found with BPA in their system.

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    Rigibson and jfulgenc provide very useful information as to why BPA has been used in so many products before we realized the health hazards. However, I would like to add an opinion to their already informative answers: we often partake in habits that at first seem like a good idea and later find out are harmful. Take smoking for example, in the past smoking was encouraged as a healthy habit, it eased tension and stressed, but now we know how harmful it can be. What seems like a good idea in the beginning doesn’t always turn out to be as good as originally perceived. 

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