How did Arnold Schwarzenegger perform on the environment?



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    Arnold did some great things for the environment but arguable canceled them out by other political actions. Perhaps the most important thing he did was increase the amount of media attention to green industry and helped show that we don’t have to compromise between industry and the environment (although it doesn’t seem like California has much of either right now).

    California needed budget cuts badly but unfortunately the parks had major cutbacks. He flipped his stance on off-shore oil drilling twice, although he was against it in the end.

    Many of his other environmental achievements are not going to be realized until later. He fought to pass stricter vehicle emission standards, and passed many bills that orders other industries to reduce emissions by a certain future date.


    Right now he is re-inventing his image to become a spokesperson for the environment and hopes to get a environmental version of the G20 summit meeting more popular. His plan is to get companies excited about investing in long term environmental goals while leaving politics out of it. We’ll see if he can do it or if he will succumb to the temptation of compromising.


    Also the first picture of the Governator smoking a cigar in the first link is worth the click.

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