How did the nuclear arms race hurt our environment?



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    I believe that exploding an atomic bomb (or worse yet, a hydrogen bomb, which they say is about as powerful as 1000 A-bombs!) is one way that the environment has been harmed by our fooling with science and particle physics… all that radiation and heat (and C02 emissions from everything burning) probably contributed somewhat to the problems, but there are other ways we are hurting ourselves too. Mining for plutonium and uranium is an energy intensive process. And refining the stuff takes tremendous amounts of energy too. And don’t forget about what we are doing nowadays with particle accelerators—WASTING TOO MUCH ENERGY! The benefits of understanding the fundamentals of sub-atomic particles do not outweigh the costs of running the machines themselves (the amount of energy particle accelerators like the Hadron Collider use in a million of a second is probably enough to last me and you until 2078!). It’s a shame and a waste how we are putting our best scientists and so much money and other resources to work on projects that are of little benefit to the common man. NASA — this if for you too! — I don’t care about colonizing Mars 6000 years from now; I care about fixing our planet here, now — our global home is being damaged, by you brilliant guys and girls! — and we really need to refocus if we want to have any hope at solving the problems that are making people fear armageddon in the first place. I ask: Why don’t we stop causing it ourselves!? That’s why I put de-militarization and Nuclear Disarmament way before I put Space Colonization/Exploration or Particle Physics and on my list of priorities for our nation and the world community. National Security does not have to mean an investment in guns and ammo. You can call me a hippy, peace-loving, liberal all you want… but all I am is a guy who is not only willing to think WWJD, I am actually willing to DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, as well! And that is disarm and solve the problems of waste and misappropriation of resources. How about helping out our fellow humans, NASA, instead of worrying about what is 14 Billion+ Light years away from us!?

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    I think one of the many problems with the nuclear arms race is that it was enacted without consideration for the environment. The main goal was, of course, the arms, not the environment. So, naturally, because the environment was not considered in the arms race damage was inevitably done in the production. 

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