How did ancient Greeks celebrate Panathenaea?



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    Ancient Greeks celebrated Panathenaea every fourth year in Athens.  It was a feast in celebration of the goddess of wisdom, Athena.  The goddess Athena was given a new robe and animals were sacrificed in her honor.  It was celebrated around mid-August.

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    Other than sacrifices, there were also several processions that took place, with priestesses, young girls, musicians, craftswomen, old men, horses, charioteers, and sacrificial animals being involving in the march. Resident aliens, called metics, were even permitted to participate in the festivities. Certain members of the processions carried statues, treats, and olive branches.

    Furthermore, the celebration, which may have lasted more than a week, was characterized by various types of contests. Some of these include:

    *Foot races
    *Chariot races
    *Javelin throwing
    *Boat races
    *Playing the aulos instrument
    *Reciting poems

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