How did African Rock Pythons end up in South Florida?



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    Like many other transplanted creatures, they arrived there as pets. The exotic pet trade is a major industry and has many problems associated with it. Introducing non-native animals to ecosystems is highly disruptive and dangerous, such as the cane toad in Australia, lampreys in the Great Lakes, and Asian swamp eels in south Florida; in each case, human intervention allowed these animals to cause major ecological problems and kill of native species. More than likely this snake was an abandoned pet and reproduced to establish a non-native population.

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    Like most non-native species invasions, it was probably because of humans. The Rock Python was most likely released by pet breeders because they were unprepared for the pythons’ ferocity. Apparently these are mean animals, striking right out of the egg. Only 6 have been found since 2002, so the invasion is not yet as bad as the Burmese Python invasion in South Florida. More information about the snakes species that have invaded tis habitat can be found at the link below.

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