How is the design of our buildings changing as we are more concerned with being green?



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    Green building is definitely becoming cheaper, even though it is still higher than normal.  The first citation explains the estimated costs.  The second citation goes over building green homes, and displays several home designs.

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    Rather than designing a traditional building with ordinary windows, concrete materials, some intricate architectural designs, regular heating/cooling systems, and low insulation, more efforts are being done to create “green” buildings which incorporates many sustainable methods. Buildings no longer hold the traditional rectangular shape; many new green buildings are shaped accordingly to the sun and landscape. To have the maximum sun exposure, windows and solar panels are faced west. Green roofs or walls are installed to cool buildings during hot weather conditions. Recycled materials are utilized to create structural support and less waste. LEED certified buildings appear to have amazing architectural designs and, best of all, it promotes healthy living and sustainability.

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