How deep is the Mekong river?



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    The Mekong river is one the most important rivers in the world with a very complex basin system.  It has a river basin of almost 800,000 square km and is 4,500km long.  The Mekong floods during monsoon season, inundating the surrounding areas with water.  It usually begins to rise in May.

    Here is a map of the water inundation along the basin:

    Unfortunately, that makes your question impossible to answer.  The depth is different at any given time of year for any given area of river.  The most concrete data I could find is this: pools along the lower Mekong river area reach depths of. 30-90m.  During the peak of flood season, the river is believed to rise at an elevation of 5100m in the Than Hla mountains.

    Attached is a study on the hydraulic model of the river.


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